Grayson Sky

Who We Are

Grayson Sky is a Philadelphia-based creative agency specializing in branding and digital marketing. We're a place that connects left brains with right brains, where analytics and coding meets storytelling and design, like a dating service for calculators and paintbrushes.

We do our best work right by our client's side, discovering how to bring their brand to life and handcrafting their vision into a robust strategy. We uncover the right platforms for their voice to resonate, through social media, digital marketing, and graphic and web design.

We could tell you all about it, but we would rather you stop by and say hello.

Meet The Team

Photo of Allison Serabo, Videographer



Photo of Ashley Carrasquillo, Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Photo of Michael Dectis, Lead Digital Analyst


Lead Digital Analyst

Photo of Peter Mastrogiacomo, CEO / Principal


CEO / Principal

Photo of Jeffrey Heinbach, Copywriter



Photo of Emilly Currier, Copywriter



Photo of Amanda Jackson, Project Manager


Project Manager

Photo of Michael Devinsky, CFO / Principal


CFO / Principal



We believe in the power of a collaborative effort and promise unwavering support to our diverse network of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and writers. At Grayson Sky, we believe in building relationships with everyone we meet and sharing our expanding network and resources with our clients.


We dedicate ourselves to each client's vision by practicing active listening, patience, and adaptability. We embrace all forms of thinking and encourage clients to collaborate in the branding process. As ideas grow, we strive to maintain a unified creative vision.


The commitment to our clients' livelihoods doesn't end with their brand. We value a vibrant and empowered alliance of business professionals and artists; local nonprofits and corporations alike. We devote our assets and resources to connect entrepreneurs and businesses looking to partner by providing networking opportunities in Philadelphia and beyond.